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Ex-Satanist and Ex-Spiritualist Discuss Halloween...

Halloween: could Halloween’s magic concoction of "fun and frolic" be all that? Or could it be something more sinister?

Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell and Ex-Satanist Steve Burns look into the evils of it and the transformation of it into a Christian celebration and how it's invaded the Church today. The below show discusses the link between Halloween and this ex-satanist's and ex-spiritualist's respective backgrounds in Satanism and Spiritualism. Laura has told me that she has had 5 ex-Satanists, as well as many others, who confirmed the things discussed really do happen.

WARNING ! If you are under 14 or easily scared, this ISN'T one for you to hear. Many thanks to Lynne Dickie, an Ex-Medium, for inviting them onto her station!

Lisa Metzger

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