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Hi Y'all! 


My life in a nutshell...


I am a lover of Jesus, a devoted wife, a large family second generation homeschool mom,

an abortion abolitionist, Christian activist, social networking entrepreneur. As if that isn't

enough, I am also studying to become a Naturopath Practitioner and CAHP. 



My husband Mark is a financial adviser and real estate investor, as well as an avid homesteader. We met on a college mission trip, while smuggling Bibles into China. Our first date was conveniently on our mission team's extended layover in Hawaii. We were married not quite a year and a half later!


When we married, Mark wanted two children, I wanted 6 (or so I said...or else he would have thought me to be crazy, right?), and so of course we compromised and settled on 4. We also decided to wait to begin our "perfectly planned" family until we had been married 5 years. Then...

*Ahem. Choke-choke!*

*God laughed*


We conceived Kaitlyn on our honeymoon! After adopting Annalise, and experiencing our first of many miscarriages, we decided to leave our family planning up to the One who really knew better than we did anyway. Because of that, we live with no regrets in that department!



We are huge advocates of adoption! Mark was adopted at birth in an open adoption, where he grew up knowing his biological family. Annalise, who is now married and expecting her second baby, was adopted from an orphanage in Kazakhstan in a closed adoption at age 10. Trey and Jake were adopted in an open adoption at ages 2 and 5, from the United States. 



Back in the day I was, what some would call, a "pioneer" homeschooler in Charlotte, North Carolina. After adopting Annalise, we began the second generation of homeschooling in our family. Around the time we began our journey I started writing regularly on my then popular, but now dead, blog called, A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling. Since Four of our 13 kiddos have graduated our homeschool, and with my new found energy after working through some of my health issues, I decided to again start sharing my life in somewhere other than Facebook-land since it seems that most days I end up offending Mark Zuckerberg and getting put in Facebook "jail". So, this is my attempt to revive and post-date some of my original blog, while adding to it on occasion. 


* Annalise is married to David and one-year-old Lydia is going to be a big sister in early 2020! 

* Kaitlyn studied apologetics and is a passionate sidewalk counselor at Charlotte's busiest abortion center.

* Ethan graduated from our homeschool and a 2 weeks later became a licensed real estate agent.

* Trey is passionate about piano and ministry and is attending an intense Bible training in Texas.

* Jake is 15

* Julia is 13

* Ellie is 11

* Judah is 10

* Eva is 8

* Emmaleigh is 7

* Aiden is 4

* Chase is 2

* Lincoln is 1

* We also have 20 babies awaiting us in Heaven who were lost via miscarriage, including one lost via an ectopic pregnancy and one set of twins. 



My parents left me a rich legacy! They led me to Jesus and developed in me a passion to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...the babies being led away to death by abortion. Our family continues that legacy by teaching our children to have a heart for ministry to the unborn and their families and to share the Gospel of Jesus through purposeful outreach and sidewalk counseling. We have enjoyed ministering together as a Family On A Mission!


For the last 4 years I have enjoyed helping other mamas like me to learn to work from home in the nooks and crannies of their days to make supplemental income for their families. That business has been very successful and I have no plans on stopping that any time soon!

Dealing with multiple autoimmune diseases and miscarriages has led me to seek out natural supplements and remedies, in addition to traditional medical care. My personal studies have led to me to pursue board certifications in complementary alternative health and naturopathy. I am still in the midst of those studies, but I can't wait to be able to share what I learn with others dealing with various health issues, focusing on further helping others to get their bodies back to the way God designed. 


Last, but most important to me, is my relationship with Jesus! He is why I live. He is why I serve. He is my WHY! If you are unsure of where you will go tonight if you die, please message me on our HOME page and visit THIS website to take a quick test.  

I am glad you decided to stop by to visit and take a peek into how we do life and family. 

  Lisa Metzger

Lisa Metzger
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