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Persecution is Coming

REPOSTED FROM: November 10, 2012

All of this talk about Christian persecution coming under four more years of Obama is amusing.

The only Christians who get persecuted are those who:

1) SHARE the gospel when the government says not to (check the Book of Acts) or

2) STAND against evil when the majority are toeing the line (see the Book of Daniel).

If you haven't already been doing these things when you had the freedom to do it,...what in the world makes you think you will do it when you don't have those freedoms?

The government WILL NOT CARE if you keep the gospel inside of your church walls and only vote against evil. Every oppressive government has allowed churches to meet just as long as they keep their mouths shut (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China even has state controlled churches).

If persecution is coming, don't worry, you won't see any of it just so long as your Christianity is limited to your church attendance.

~ Jon Speed

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