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So you want to be a Supermom?


Over the last few years I've heard many moms vent their woes as to why they feel like they are terrible wives and mothers.

They usually digress that they are unable to juggle all that life requires of them on top of the fact that they haven't completed projects X, Y and Z before week's end.

The vast majority of these moms have been reading other moms blogs, comparing their own actions and inaction in light of this wonderful supermom who is portrayed on the screen in front of them as having it all together.

Is reading inspiring blogs wrong? No. So, what's the real issue here?

There are a few reasons that these moms usually feel overwhelmed at their imperfections.

They feel convicted because of a lack of motivation or lazy attitude They are setting their expectations too high They are over-committed to outside interests and activities They are letting opportunities take over while their so-called priorities are put on the back burner They are comparing their lives to another mom's life, instead of letting the blog/post properly motivate or encourage them in their calling They are spending too much time on these blogs, instead of digging into God's Word for instructions on how to become a better wife and mom

Because of the many beautiful homeschooling blogs, Instagram Stories and Facebook posts out there these days, many people, I'm sure, assume most large family, homeschooling moms must be supermoms. While I believe that raising a large family does indeed take dedication and organization, it does not mean that all dedicated and organized women are born superheroes! While each of those women might have natural abilities and giftings, each are probably working hard to tweak areas of shortcomings in their lives. As women we must remember that each woman who appears successful on her blog struggles herself with her own set of inadequacies. We ALL face the fact on a daily (if not hourly) basis that we are imperfect creatures!


We ALL need to stop comparing ourselves to another family or friend. It is tempting...especially in homeschooling circles. However, the BEAUTY of homeschooling is that everyone is supposed to be different from the next. If we're all using the same cookie cutter approach, we'd all turn out the same type of child. Pretty boring!

We do need to make sure, as homeschooling mamas, that we stick to our set priorities when making a schedule for our homeschool year or our summers! If we commit to all these wonderful activities just to find that we've abandoned what is truly important to God and our family, then we have failed. Prioritize and stick to the plan!


As far as keeping one's house up to par. Well...see some of us (ahem, ME!) are borderline OCD with the house. We [I] can let it take over with how we want it. While you might look at my house on a visit and comment on how orderly and perfectly kept it is, I know that my weakness in this area is to let the perfection of my house take over my priority list. That's about when my flesh starts to envy you for being more relaxed.

If you are struggling with laziness, take heed that ALL humans are lazy at times. Commit to God to work harder and earn your keep, so to speak, as wife, mother and homeschool teacher! Don't let the ways of a sluggard sneak up on you. Instead, surround yourself in God's Word and memorize Scriptures that will rid you of a lazy attitude and lifestyle.

Join the Club!

I know that sometimes people have commented on how our family has it all together. Bwahaha! Nope. I don't think so! Nobody has it all together...we are ALL only human! No matter what you might see, hear or read about such "together" families, I can guarantee you that if you look a little deeper or ask what struggles they face as a family, we would get an ear-full as to what brings them down a notch or two!

When we get down to it, we're really all a mess in some way, shape or form! We're ALL imperfect! It's LIFE!

So, join the club...we're all imperfect moms and most of us are just trying to do our best! Don't be fooled...we're all human; none of us are true supermoms! We all just rely on the fact that we can "do all things through CHRIST who strengthens" us to be all to all that He gave us to manage and care for!

Lisa Metzger

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