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Serving the Homeless

Yesterday we took a field trip with our homeschool group to Bright Blessings, which is a volunteer-led non-profit organization that brings joy and support to homeless children. Their programs bring positive emotional experiences to homeless children and their families by lifting spirits, boosting confidence, broadening horizons and supporting critical needs.

The children were able to assemble birthday boxes and make wrapping paper for the books. We also had a news crew present to do a story on Bright Blessings. They told us that it will be a while before it airs and will let us know when it does. The kids were really oblivious, though, to all the camera attention because there were so many activities with which to help!

It was a wonderful experience and we'd LOVE to go back again soon. Perhaps we will lead a community service project with our 4H group to Bright Blessings.

Lisa Metzger

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