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Safety of Children in Ministry

Concern over the safety of children in ministry is an occasional topic of concern. Below I share why we include our children in Gospel-centered ministry at abortion centers.

Q. "Why would you put your children in harm's way [during ministry at abortion centers]? There are too many lunatics that wouldn't care that they are children."

A. We are Christians, who are also indigenous missionaries. Just as my parents did with me at their side, I am doing/have done with my own children. Just as African missionaries bring their children to the dangerous tribes and jungles of that continent, we bring our children to share Jesus and speak life at abortion centers.

Thousands of lives and souls have been saved because of such efforts over the many years of our family doing this very thing. I'm thankful to see all my adult children continuing these efforts into their adulthood and with their own children, even.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We will be counted with the few for God's Glory! 💕 👐

Q. "But when you, or I were children there weren't as many nut cases willing to hurt children. Even tribal folks respect children more than the crazies in the world today."

A. Each and every generation has thought of their generation to be infinitely worse than the generations before, yet fear did not stop those who faithfully put their hands to the plow.

We have been out there doing this for decades with our children, ages 30 - 2. We trust Jesus and see Him move daily to protect us. We will continue to do that, just as generations of Christians have done before us. 👐

The funny thing is that if I were to tell my kids we were ending this ministry, they would be attempting to drag me out there! 😅 Yes, it's tough work, but once you get to hold a little one saved because you were out there...there's no turning back! 💕

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