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ROOTS: Evangelism Training for Kids

REPOSTED FROM: May 25, 2013

We just watched 2 of the ROOTS episodes from Living Waters as a family. Mark, all of our kiddos, ages 7 – 20, and I were GLUED to the screen, even after seeing one of the episodes previously! Two of them said to me, "Mommy we need to watch those over and over again!" We really all *do* need reminders of little things that we encounter when sharing our faith!

I don't know, though, that my children would be quite as excited as they are about this series EXCEPT THAT they have already been sharing their faith "Ray Comfort style" (law then grace) for a while and they have already encountered the need to be CONSTANTLY on their toes in being able to give an answer for the hope that they have (1 Peter 3:15).

These are entertaining and graphically pleasing to kids of many ages, even though this is suggested for middle and high school. I will say that they do talk about each of the 10 commandments, including the 7th commandment - Thou shalt not commit adultery. In the video, they review it often when quizzing unbelievers about the sin in their life (showing them law before presenting the grace). But honestly, all my children have read the Bible in family worship and they have heard that Jesus considered even looking at a woman lustfully is considered adultery. Soooo....I believe it's not a big deal at all. It's just Truth!

Overall, I could NOT be more pleased with this course. I never review items like these until they have been officially completed, but I could not resist writing a 2 thumbs up/4 star review on ROOTS!

Seriously, parents...if you want to see your children GROW in their faith and get those ROOTS down deep in their'll teach your child how to open air preach (like Jesus, the Biblical prophets and early church preachers) and how to share and defend their faith. Get equipped through this ROOTS series and then get out there! Do NOT let fear hold you back. Keep that generational vision in mind and then GO!

Oh...and do you or your children need to learn each of the 10 Commandments? HERE's an easy way to master them!

Lisa Metzger

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