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Pennies from Heaven: What is a Penny Worth To You?

A single penny has very little worth. It is small, typically drab in color and when used by itself, can buy virtually nothing! Because they are not seen as valuable, pennies are stored in jars, lost in cars and even tossed to the ground, without any thought.

It is estimated that average American household has $93.75 worth of pennies stashed in jars, empty containers, lost behind sofa cushions, and hidden in old purses.In many ways people today view unborn human life the same way – worthless and without value.

With nearly 3700 abortions performed daily in the US, these human lives are just “tossed to ground” like a worthless penny. On January 22, 1973 a landmark decision was made by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The trial Roe v. Wade ended with a decision to legalize abortion – giving an open door for all women to legally get rid of what they deemed worthless…their baby. Sadly, January 22, 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of this legislation. It is estimated that over the course of those 40 years, 57 million babies will have lost their lives. A number so large is often times unfathomable and when it is applied to human life, it becomes unconscionable!

What is a penny worth to you? Would you be willing to give something so small to be a part of something big?

A group of dedicated individuals are working together to collect 57 million pennies, one for each life lost due to the Roe v. Wade decision. The target date to reach this goal is the 40th anniversary of this legislation, January 22, 2013.

Collection of these pennies will serve two purposes:

1) To create a visual memorial showing the magnitude of lives lost due to this legislation

2) To purchase life saving booklets that will be donated to crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors and other pro-life organizations that work directly with abortion minded women

Do you see value in a penny? Every time you see one, would you think of baby who was never given the opportunity to take a first breath, who never felt the warmth of sunshine and never experienced the hugs and kisses of a mommy who loved him. Instead of tossing the penny in a jar or on the ground, would you save it and send it to us?

Pennies can be sent to: PO Box 5742Cocord, NC 28027

If they are too heavy to ship and you want to just send us a dollar or more, we will change them back to pennies when received.

To learn more about the Pennies From Heaven project, visit our website at Tiny Hands Book (project information on the website will be available by the end of November).

Lisa Metzger

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