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Contending for the Faith at the DNC

Ethan (11) shares the Good News with an Occupy Wall Street man at the DNC in uptown Charlotte.

Our family shared the Good News of Jesus along with the true horrors of abortion at the Democratic National Convention in our home town of Charlotte, NC. Praise Jesus that our children are learning to not only be bold in proclaiming the truth, but also to be knowledgeable in defining and defending what they believe.

Do you have the courage to stand for the truth of the Bible when everybody around you is laughing at it, criticizing it, disbelieving it?

One can't place a value on a book of the Bible based on its size.  The book of Jude contains only 25 verses.  Its style is simple, and yet its message is conveyed with both authority and love, and is as important today as it was when first written.

The author, who was more than likely the half-brother of Jesus Christ, urged his readers to "contend earnestly for the faith" (verse 3).  What, exactly, did he mean by "contending for the faith"?  And why did he feel compelled to devote his epistle to this subject?

Jake stands and holds a sign of a baby saved from an abortion center in Charlotte.

The Greek root for the word "contend" means "to fight" or "to stand for." It speaks of battling, warring, and struggling.  Jude chose the present form of the verb, which means that it is to be a continuous action.  The faith to which Jude is referring is not our personal faith in Jesus, but rather what we believe about salvation, Christ, the True Holy Spirit, the attributes of God, future things, and grace-the whole body of Christian doctrine.

Suppose I were to ask you, "What do you believe as a True and Faithful Christian?" Are your beliefs settled

enough in your mind for you to articulate them clearly?  Could you explain God's salvation plan?  Sanctification?  The church?  Full immersion Water Baptism?  The Lord's Supper?  It is important to be able to communicate these truths because that is how the True Gospel has been preserved.  God the Father revealed it through the Lord Jesus Christ, who shared it with his disciples.  They, in turn explained it to the true body the church.  Then, as now, God's True and Faithful people are teaching the truth to others extending the Gospel all over the world.  As Paul explains in Colossians 1:6, this faith was delivered to us not simply to be believed and to be kept, but to be shared. READ THE REST HERE....

Julia (6) and Judah (3) pass out Gospel tracts uptown during the DNC.

Kaitlyn (12) and Jake (8) hold their signs of truth.

Kaitlyn holding a sign in the rain at a Planned Parenthood party called, "Sex, Politics and Cocktails".

Annalise and Brooke pray over a woman who regrets every day aborting her child conceived in rape.

(Above) Mark and I listen to a woman rant on and on about why murder of unborn babies is acceptable. The attempt at reasoning with her was useless. She was vile and wouldn't let any "dialogue" take place. She just wanted to hear herself talk, really. She asked a Jesse Boyd (another street preacher) something and he responded Biblically and accurately, but she said that he hadn't had any children, so his opinion was null and void. So, I stood up to talk and she didn't like me because I'd had 7 and must be a "glutton for punishment and terribly uneducated". Go figure. However, I know see why God sent her to ramble, curse and yell and why He sent her back again and again to harass us. It was because of Steven! He was an 11 year old young man that was this woman's friend's child. I had a wonderful conversation with him. He is saved and knowing the truth of abortion now, he wants Obama to lose the election. :-) He took a tract home with him, hiding it from the woman by stuffing it in his pocket! He said is going home to read his Bible! Pray for precious Steven! Now I see that the Lord used her love for contention to distract her enough so that this little boy could hear the truth and the gospel! Praise Jesus!

My encouragement to you today is WHAT are you doing to ACTIVELY and BOLDLY share your faith AND your belief about abortion being murder? Are you standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8)? Are you contending for the faith (Jude)?

Lisa Metzger

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