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Birthday Season at the Metzgers

It's birthday season in our house! We began a tradition last year where we have the children draw names, instead of everyone buying for Kaitlyn and everyone buying for Trey and so on. Doing it the old way made for many "discussions" on what's to be gotten for that person. This way makes shopping for that special someone a little more exciting. Mommy and Daddy also give them gifts, but ours are more educational or super-special (ears getting pierced, promise rings, multi-tools, etc.).

Ellie got to buy birthday gifts for Kaitlyn! Annalise bought for Ellie! And Jake bought for Julia! Look at the looks on the givers''s almost more excited than the one receiving. So sweet! And SUCH fun!

As is tradition in our home, the birthday person receives one of Daddy's "famous" Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes! Mmm!

Kaitlyn turned 12 years old on September 27th!

Julia turned 6 on October 7th!

Ellie turned 4 on October 8th (she is 2 years and 1 day younger than Julia)!

Lisa Metzger

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