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Back To School "We" Time

I'm here to announce that THIS mom is GLAD THAT SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION, but it's not for the reason you might think! I don't wish them AWAY for more "me" time! I wish them to STAY for more "we" time!

I know these mamas are well-meaning and I'm certain, love their kiddos, but these back-to-school posts cause my heart to sink. I can't fathom wishing away sweet time with my kiddos! 😢

I love being around my kids and having them be a part of my life on a daily, or more like, an hourly basis. That school-aged season of life is so incredibly short (trust me, I've graduated 4 of my 13 so far). The older they get, the more they are pursuing their own mission and calling in life, and what would I have missed if I had sent them to school for 8 hours a day? I don't wish to know!

So, for now, I'll treasure each grammatical error, science explosion, noisy music lesson and yes, even every "insoluble" math problem!

Lisa Metzger

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