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A Living Approach to Homeschool High School Science

This is by no means an extensive list of living educational books and curricula, but it is a great compilation of tried and true resources for creating a love for science in your high schooler!

Jake (15), Julia (14) and Ellie (12) are taking high school level sciences this year. Our former pastor's wife told us about this series back in 2013, after we expressed a frustration about other courses we had tried. End result: poor children have enjoyed it for the last 7 years and we are HOOKED! Not only are the children we bought the curricula for addicted to it, but our Littles - of all ages - love to watch the DVD part of the course!

This course is a Creation-based, Biblical, abs one-year high school credit for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There is no teacher prep at all, except maybe to get some of the very simple household items for the experiments. I love that I can build up the course by adding in extra assignments or videos like ones from Netflix or YouTube. I also love that by the time my 4 year old is doing high school level work, he will have seen the DVD's a number of times because of wanting to join in year after year with his older siblings.

I happen to be an affiliate with The 101 Series , but I am NOT recommending this series solely because I might as well make a few dollars off of them. I use these products for my own children and LOVE them. We all love them!

Now, for my children are likely to go into a profession that requires AP level courses (like Julia & Ellie, who want to be midwives), I will definitely be adding something more to their studies. But for those who are not ready for those courses or for those who are never going to go on to need an AP science course, this is a great basic, but thorough, Creationism-based high school science course.

After I posted my excitement about this 101 Series on Facebook, a thread started and so much information was exchanged. A friend of mine, who also detests using textbooks and loves the non-traditional, living book approach to school subjects, suggested that we add certain books to this course and other courses to "beef it up". Below is that list. If you have any other LIVING Book/DVD/Resource type suggestions or such to add, please comment!

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