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Baby Showers for Moms Who Choose Life

REPOSTED FROM: May 28, 2013

As most of you know, Mark and I are the directors for the Charlotte Cities4Life chapter. One of the wonderful ministries we work with here in Charlotte is Truth and Mercy Ministries. I have known Sheryl (the director) since I was 11 years old. We went to church together, ministered on abortion mill sidewalks together and now have attended the baby showers of precious saved babies together, while sharing the Gospel! Love her and her ministry!

Since 1988, the lives of over 950 babies have been saved by the power of the Gospel. I've been blessed to have attended some of these lavish showers as the sidewalk counselor of some of these mamas. It's a BEAUTIFUL, Gospel-centered ministry!

Truth & Mercy is a Christian, pro-life ministry founded by Sheryl Chandler, which first proclaims God’s TRUTH about life in the womb, and does so where the killing actually takes place.

When a mother’s heart changes and she chooses life for her child, Truth and Mercy Ministries extends great MERCY and lavish her with gifts: baby and maternity clothing, cribs, car seats,high chairs, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, pack-n-plays, diapers, wipes, formula,baby tubs, bottles, bibs, blankets, toys and books – anything and everything a baby and mother might need. These lavish, quality gifts are an expression of the Lord’s love, care, provision and mercy for her. They communicate the Gospel in deed, which in turn opens the door to communicate the Gospel in spoken word.

Evangelizing is the goal throughout this entire process. Truth and Mercy Ministries focus primarily on the life-changing, life-saving message of salvation through Christ, because this message alone holds the power to melt hearts like wax – and turn a parent’s heart to their child.

Below is a sampling of Truth and Mercy Ministries' beautiful newsletter updates!

My next shower was April 27, but I didn't personally travel to this one. It was for Londreher, who was met at the Latrobe clinic by Jessica and Celia. Londreher had come with a friend all the way from Columbia SC. The mobile pregnancy unit from Monroe HELP Center was there, staffed by Courtney Parks. This specially equipped RV, parked directly in front of the abortion clinic, is able to provide a free ultrasound to any willing abortion clinic patient. Jessica and Celia persuaded her, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to enter the mobile unit and  take a peek in her womb. She discovered in that ultrasound that she was carrying twins! Unbelievably, as Courtney, Jessica and Celia cried, she still went into the clinic holding her new ultrasound pictures. The abortion clinic did their own ultrasound and claimed that she was over 20 weeks, and therefore too far along for them to perform the abortion. They referred her to their clinic in Raleigh. A few days later, she went to that Raleigh clinic, and they told her that she was too far along, as well. She went to a third abortion clinic. They were willing to do the abortion at this late stage, but something was awry with her blood work so they eventually turned her down, too. She finally went back home and listened to a friend of hers, who was able to get her to see how God was trying to protect these babies. She settled on life and then went to her first pre-natal appointment with a real doctor. He did an ultrasound and declared that she was only 14 weeks. She could have had an abortion at any of those 3 clinics at 14 weeks. God worked miraculously to save these children! She is expecting boy/girl twins. Stay tuned! Here she is at her shower, where YOU provided two of everything!

Would you like to stay up to date on all the baby showers that Truth and Mercy Ministries gives to these mamas that choose Life? The director of T&M, Sheryl, would love to sign y'all up for that. It is one ENCOURAGING newsletter, FULL of testimonies from the baby showers where the Gospel is always clearly explained to each mama (just like the one above)! Email her at Truth and Mercy Ministries, and let her know you'd like to subscribe!

Lisa Metzger

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