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Are You A Coward?

Our family in front of the empty parking lot of the busiest abortion mill in Charlotte that was closed by the health department for 5 days

REPOSTED FROM: May 20, 2013

Abortion center missionaries are not made up of extraordinarily strong people. They are just simple Christians, obeying God!

God doesn't call us to be a rock when we go out to these killing places (abortion mills). He simply calls us to obey. Some heed that call; others don't (many because they feel they "can't"). The fact of the matter is, all of us with a soft conscience and the Holy Spirit within us do not *want* to do this, but if not us, who? There are simply not enough Christians doing what they should be doing against this Holocaust in our nation.

The question is, "Do I obey and push through the FEAR and GRIEF? Or do I keep on living in my version of comfortable?" Read Proverbs 24:11,12 The answer is right there. "Does not He who weighs the heart know...?"

"A main problem with America (and American churches) is that a man can live his entire life here without knowing whether or not he is a coward." - Jesse Boyd

Why don't you consider testing to see if you are a coward (someone who gives into their fears) or a hero (someone who pushes through fear with the power and strength of GOD!) and visit your local abortion center. Check out THIS website to see read tips on how to do this and find others serving in your area!

Lisa Metzger

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