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The Mother of Immortals: Miscarriage & Temporary Farewells


"Refrain from undue weeping, for they shall come again from the land of their captivity. Thy dead ones shall live again. Mother of mortals, thou didst well to weep; but thy children live, so that thou art the mother of immortals; then, why canst thou sorrow? Dry thine eyes, and bless God that thou hast another link with heaven, and that thou hast helped to fill the choirs that, day without night, circle the throne of God with hallelujahs." - Charles Spurgeon

This year we have welcomed three little ones into our family. Joyfully, we awaited their arrival. Sadly, but not without hope, we ushered them from my womb to the arms of our Savior!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we found out that our 12 week old, Faith Constance (Faith Steadfast), had gone to be with Jesus and her 10 other brothers and sisters who have also gone on before us through miscarriage. 

Her loss was the second most dramatic loss of our 11 thus far. It required a trip to the E.R. after I hemorrhaged and a D&C, but thankfully it wasn't anything like the physical trial of Levi's loss. Through the entire loss, we felt God's hand and timing on it all. Mark was home when it happened and was able to take me right to the hospital when I knew a natural miscarriage at home was not an option. And upon going to the E.R., we were met by an understanding set of doctors and a Christian nurse who came from a family of 10 children and was more than pleased to take care of us. We felt His arms around us throughout the entire process...from the very beginning (when we realized what was happening) to the end (receiving prayers, texts, calls and meals from family and friends). 

As sad as we are to say goodbye to our precious little ones, we are joyous knowing that they are safely in the arms of their Creator. The Lord is good. He watches out for each of His little sparrows. I am thankful that I am, like the quote above describes, a mother of both the mortal and the immortal! I will see my sweet babies again!

Lisa Metzger

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