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ORGANIZE LIFE: Tips from Moms of Many

A while back, I polled a bunch of large family mamas on how they have made it easier to get through their long list of responsibilities in regards to Life Organization. This is the long list of their responses! Do you have something to add? Comment, and I'll add it to this list!


  • Buddies...for outside play, laundry, buckling car seats, brushing teeth, eating at restaurants, etc.!

  • I keep 2 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom. They have to ask for more, and I keep the packs hidden so I always know how much we have and won't run out.

  • Silicone bracelets with our name on them in different colors which we can put around cups to show whose is whose and keep them for a full day. Can also use colored rubber bands.

  • I'm expecting our 7th baby and we live in a small three bedroom house where there is very little storage, so I've tried to get our toys and "stuff" down to a minimum. Also, I was tired of their bedrooms always being so messy, so we don't allow toys in the bedrooms.

  • Organize with zippered sheet bags: Beach towels - during off-season; Extra sheets - keep the linen closet organized; Kids' hand-me-down-clothing that will "make another round" on another child later on. If they are labeled properly and stored in Rubbermaid containers, it can help so much with sorting through sizes when the next child in line is ready to inherit the older siblings' clothing!; Small toys that can get lost in a toy box. Label them with words or pictures so that the kids can easily sort and put things where they belong. Cover words or pictures with clear tape to preserve.; Card game storage. Loose cards that have lost their packages can be kept neat in smaller zippered bags.; Car/Van organization: loose tissues, first aid supplies, quick pick-up cleaning supplies, car games, books for kids to read while on trips, etc.; Hairbow storage - organize by color, type, etc. and keep neatly in a drawer.; Organize the baby drawers...socks, onesies, towels/washcloths, toiletry items, bath items, etc.

  • Collect winter items (boots, hats, gloves, snow bibs, etc.) at off-season sales and use bins for storing these items. Keep a log on a note app in your phone or on your computer that tells you what sizes in what gender you do not have. Saves money and organizes.

  • Hang a bag around the neck of a winter coat hanger. Each persons' bag only hangs on their coats hanger and contains their hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

  • Use plastic bag holders to store socks and underwear compactly.

  • Check out THIS YouTube channel!

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