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Dinner Time Chaos: What To Do


This Christmas we were blessed with two calendars. One will be used to list activities and special chores and the other will be used for meal planning.

Annalise and Kaitlyn are going through cookbooks to find one new dinner recipe per week and one new dessert per month.

Mondays and Wednesdays and most Saturdays are relatively free from outside activities. These would be ideal days for odd chores and for trying new recipes!

Annalise and Kaitlyn

Every Tuesday, since it is our busiest day for Kaitlyn and Jake, Annalise plans to teach Ethan and Trey to cook meals that our family eats regularly. The boy have expressed an interest in learning how to cook more, and so they will start learning the "Metzger Comfort Food" recipes first. (Their wives will love me for it!)

Thursdays are ministry days twice per month, so a crock pot meal is best on those days. 

Fridays are date nights for Mark and me, so all the week's leftovers are laid out - buffet style - and eaten by the children. 

Sundays we have a fellowship meal at our church, so a crockpot or casseroled meal is best for those days. Lunch items are eaten for dinner, as we all have our fill at the noon time meal at church. 

How do you handle meal planing?

Lisa Metzger

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