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ORGANIZE BEDTIME: Tips from Moms of Many

A while back, I polled a bunch of large family mamas on how they have made it easier to get through their long list of this case BEDTIME ROUTINES. This is the long list of their responses! Do you have something to add? Comment, and I'll add it to this list!

Bedtime Routine

  • Consistency! Routine!

  • Family worship calms everyone down and then wee sing or pray. Bed time follows...youngest (to age 12) in bed by 8:00, 12 years in bed by 8:30 (read or do something constructive downstairs at 8:00), 13 years in bed by 9:00 (same deal as 12 year old), 14 in bed by 9:30 (same as others) and age 18 and up, goes to bed whenever, as long as they are doing something constructive elsewhere. This allows Mark and I to have quiet time together.

  • Buddies are used for teeth brushing (oldest with youngest, next oldest to next youngest...etc.).

  • Make sure you leave enough energy for the end of the is a major effort to get them all in bed! And...enforce it! No getting up for water and questions! Bedtime routine does not have to be long and drawn out with lots of stories and kisses. Pray with them and send them to bed! You're tired! Get some rest and enjoy your husband!

  • Do baths earlier in the day, if possible, and stagger if your hot water heater can't stand up to the number of bathers.

  • Tie up the long tangle-prone hair of girls into top-knots, so that there is less of a fight with the hair in the morning.

  • Lay out morning clothes the night before, so that you're ready to go!

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