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Babies Saved Before Their Appointments With Death!

REPOSTED FROM: October 12, 2012

Earlier today, I was a sidewalk counselor, ministering outside A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte. I texted this prayer request to my Facebook page: “Pray...I’m in the ultrasound RV counseling a Spanish-speaking woman not to abort. She's getting an ultrasound in 5 minutes. Pray that her baby is active and shows off for his mama!”

When this mama came to the abortion center this morning, she was determined that she just could not have this baby because she did not have the finances to provide for her 6th child. Her sister and daughter pleaded with her to at least get the free ultrasound that I had told them about. After talking to me, they drove back and forth, passing the abortion mill again and again. Finally, they drove one last time past the mill and were ready to pull in when a Spanish-speaking Christian (who had shown up to pray) stepped out of her vehicle on the side of the road. She called out to this mama, who spoke only Spanish, and the mama listened to what she said. After 5 minutes of listening about the help that the sidewalk counselor offered her and about the Will of God in this mother’s and baby’s life, she agreed to get the ultrasound.

After seeing the ultrasound of her baby boy or girl bouncing around, the nurse asked her what she was thinking. She said, “I wasn’t thinking when I was coming here [for an abortion] today”. The nurse replied, “That’s why God had us here today…to help you think about this baby!”

Half an hour later, this abortion-determined mother, her sister and her 16 year old daughter (who had come to interpret for her own mother in the murder of her sibling) emerged with me from the ultrasound RV. This mama chose LIFE for her little one, who was just 10 weeks and 3 days old (seen in video below)! Her financial needs will be met by GOD, with the help of Christians and our wonderful doctors in Concord, who will provide free prenatal care and delivery for this mother!

The baby boy or baby girl in the video below had an appointment with death today! But….

Christians chose to stand on the sidewalk while praying, boldly speaking the truth in love and sidewalk counseling.

 An R.N. became trained and volunteered, going out to the abortion mill day after day offering this service to abortion determined women.

The Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center sent their RV, nurse and driver out to be an instrument of hope and truth.

Christians, who learned of the prayer requests online or through text, approached the throne of God and asked God to soften hearts and open eyes.

JESUS used his children as vessels for His power.

JESUS answered their prayers.

JESUS softened this mother’s heart to her baby.

Toward the end of the day ANOTHER baby was saved in the ultrasound RV! The RV was supposed to leave about 10 minutes earlier, but Freddie, the driver, could not figure out how to turn off a light inside the RV before they left. That “delay” left JUST ENOUGH TIME for a counselor to encourage an abortion-determined couple to see their baby on ultrasound! PRAISE JESUS!!!

This is why we all go out! You are called! You are Equipped! But will you come? Sidewalks4Life

Lisa Metzger

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